Primers and Activators

Rite Lok Primers & Activators

Rite Lok activators and primers have been designed to optimize the performance of the Rite Lok adhesives range. Rite Lok activators and primers for cyanoacrylate adhesives enhance cure speeds on porous and acidic surfaces and permit bonding on substrates such as polyethylene, polypropylene and even Teflon¨. Used in post assembly applications, Rite Lok activators permit fillet curing of cyanoacrylate adhesives and promote depth of cure. Rite Lok anaerobic and structural activators have been designed to accelerate the cure speed of threadlockers, retainers, sealants, gasketing compounds and general metal bonding. When used on inactive substrates such as anodized metal, stainless steel, zinc dichromate and cadmium high strength bonding can be achieved. SEE MORE

primers and activators


* Accelerate cure speeds 
* Allows bonding on inactive substrates 
* Ideal for high speed production environments 
* Simple to use 
* AC68 provides easy and fast removal of surplus adhesives 
* ISO 9001-2000 and QS9000 quality standards.