UV Front Line Range


Rite Lok UV curing adhesives are high performance, single component products which polymerize when exposed to ultraviolet light. Invisible, instant and high strength, Rite Lok UV adhesives give a controlled cure at room temperature and can be used for bonding most glass, metal and plastic combinations where at least one of the surfaces allow penetration of ultra violet light. Most Rite Lok UV curing adhesives are optimized to cure under light at 365nm wavelength although some are optimized for higher wavelengths. Rite Lok UV curing adhesives are used for coating, bonding, encapsulating, laminating and potting. Fast controllable cure at room temperature. Excellent adhesion to many substrates including plastics. Flexible bond High strength. Clear bond lines make Rite Lok UV adhesives excellent for use on aesthetically sensitive applications. Cure on demand. Low capital investment in equipment. Ideal for automated production. ISO 9001-2000 and QS9000 quality standards. CLICK HERE for pdf specs. 

Ultra Violet front line


UV Curing Adhesives For General Bonding 
* For the bonding of cut glass, metals, lead crystal and many plastics 
* Designed for the manufacture of trophies, ornaments, jewellery and the assembly of glass furniture and display cases 

UV Curing Adhesives For Electronic Bonding 
* Formulated for the environmental sealing of electrical components 
* Applications include potting and encapsulating 

UV Curing Adhesives For Cut Glass And Lead Crystal 
* Excellent appearance. Ideal for bonding cut glass to metals 
* For applications which require a fine aesthetic finish 

UV Curing Adhesives For The Automotive Industry 
* Developed for bonding plastics, metals and ceramics in the automotive industry 
* Applications include headlamp sealing and loud speaker assembly 

UV Curing Adhesives For Glass Furniture And Display Cases 
* Used in the construction and manufacture of furniture, such as feet and legs on occasional tables 
* Used to adhere metal trim and brackets to glass, to bond door glass and used in the assembly of glass display cases 

UV Curing Adhesives For Medical Device Applications 
* Developed specifically for medical device assembly