Clamps, Hose & Harness


Cable, Wire, Rod & Tube Clips

Tinnerman Clips offer the most efficient means of securing cable, wire and tubing safely away from danger areas. Made of high carbon Spring Steel, heat-treated, they are one-piece and self-retaining in most cases, requiring only a mounting hole, flange end or panel edge for fast easy installation. Available in several standard designs for a wide range of line diameters and panel thicknesses, many have rolled edges as an added safeguard against fraying or chafing. They can also be supplied with a dipped neoprene, cushion. Though quick and simple to install, they provide positive retention for reliable, trouble-free service.


Tube, Harness & Hose Clamps


Tinnerman Tube Clamps for mounting tube, conduit, cable, wire or other cylindrically shaped objects are available for a wide range of diameters. Standard sizes range from .062” to 2.000” diameters. Larger sizes are
available on special order. Made of top quality materials, Tinnerman Tube-Type Clamps provide strong, reliable retention and assure dimensional stability. Available with dipped or extruded flame-resistant neoprene cushion to protect against abrasion or chafing, they can also be supplied with a self-retaining Speed Nut Fastener on one leg for easier, vibration-resistant installations. This feature offers a tremendous advantage in close quarters where loose or separate parts, such as nuts and lockwashers, create excessive small parts handling and unnecessary delays.
Special designs can be developed to meet special requirements.