Multiple Thread Engaging Nut And Bolt Retainers

Nut Retainers

Tinnerman Nut Retainers combine the best advantages of spring steel fasteners with the high strength of a multi-threaded nut. They snap readily into bolt-receiving position at panel edges or center-panel locations and retain
themselves in place. Their application does not require special tools or skills, eliminating the need for special operations. They can be applied at any convenient spot along the assembly line after painting or porcelainizing, thus eliminating the need for masking or retapping clogged threads. The nut floats within the spring steel cage more than enough to offset normal hole misalignment. No other line of heavy duty fasteners offers so many advantages for blind location assembly.


Self-Anchoring Nut Retainers


Tinnerman Self-Anchoring Nut Retainers offer the same advantages as the preceding Nut Retainers; i.e., high strength, easy to apply for blind fastening locations, selfretention, etc. In addition, this variety provides a unique feature which firmly locks the fastener in the panel, distributing the driving torque through the surrounding panel area. This is accomplished with a T-shaped captive nut, cleverly devised locking tabs, and mounting legs. It cannot be accidentally dislodged even with excessively rough handling. However, should thread damage occur due to cross-threading or over torquing, it can be deliberately removed without damage to panel or finish. Self-Anchoring Nut Retainers are recommended for applications where fasteners with less permanent retention are apt to be lost due to stacking, butting or rough handling of panels on the production line.


J-Type Nut Retainers

The J-Type Nut Retainer combines a spring steel retainer with a multiple-threaded nut to provide an ideal fastener for heavy duty applications requiring high torque tightening, low fastener profile, “float” for hole misalignment and blind assembly. They are easily snapped over panel edges or inserted into rectangular holes in
central-panel locations. Floating alignment and retention are attained with extrusions in the retaining legs which snap into panel mounting holes allowing the fastener to shift or align, but not disengage. Applied after painting or porcelainizing, J-Type Nut Retainers eliminate the need for masking or retapping clogged threads.


U-Type Nut Retainers

U-Type Nut Retainers offer the same advantages as the J-Type Nut Retainers. That is, heavy-duty fastening, low fastener profile, “float” for hole misalignment, self-retention and blind location fastening. With the full-sized lower leg, the U-Type Nut Retainer is preferred where a full bearing surface between the panels is desired. They are applied simply and quickly in center, or end-panel locations requiring no special skills or equipment.


Bolt Retainers Rear Mounting Type

Tinnerman Bolt Retainers eliminate problems of blind location, bolt retention, threaded stud damage, paint-clogged threads, weld flash and difficult assembly or removability wherever threaded studs may be used. They can be attached after finishing and just before final assembly to eliminate thread damage due to stacking, weld flash, paint clogging, etc. One type is mounted from the front to ease assembly in blind or difficult locations. Both are self-retained and can be easily removed and replaced without damage to the mounting panel. Access to the underside of the panel is unnecessary because the bolt cannot turn as the nut is driven to its prescribed torque. A shallow emboss allows flush mounting of mating panels.