One-Piece Self-Sufficient Clips


Dart-Type Fasteners

Tinnerman Dart-Type Fasteners are one of a group of Speed Clip Fasteners which are self-sufficient. That is, they require no screws, rivets, studs, welds or other secondary fastening devices. They require only a cavity or mounting hole. They can be applied from the front or top of a panel thereby eliminating many blind or limited access fastening problems. Being one-piece, they eliminate excessive small parts handling and parts inventories.
Once applied, live spring tension secures the components between the top and shoulders of the clip. The amount of clamping action here varies with the material thickness and design of the fastener. When required, most Dart-Type Speed Clips can be removed and reused.


Trim Clip Fasteners


Trim Clip Fasteners recently introduced, these unique Tinnerman fasteners have real potential as a general purpose fastener. Designed for use over rectangular studs or integrally molded blades, ribs, etc., on trim strips, access plates, or any light application where removability is a factor.


Knob-to-Shaft Fasteners (Compression Rings)

Self-retaining Tinnerman Speed Clips solve a host of Knob-to-Shaft assembly problems. They eliminate inserts and setscrews for reduced molding costs and easier, faster assembly. Stresses are distributed evenly around the hub during application while the strength and durability of spring steel reinforces critical wearing points and harnesses cold-flow tendencies. Knobs can be removed and replaced repeatedly without danger of loosening or developing “knob-wobble”. Two basic designs are available for standard applications. Compression Rings are for use on thermoplastic knobs with split hubs. They squeeze the hub around the shaft insuring firm, reliable retention. Round, D-shaped or Knurled Shafts can be used depending upon the hub cavity design. “C” Clips are recommended for die cast or thick-walled thermosetting plastic knobs. For use with D-shaped shafts only, they bear against the flat side of the shaft clamping it firmly within the hub cavity.
Where knob designs do not permit the use of either Compression Rings or “C” Clips, Speed Clips are available, or can be designed to fit within the knob cavity. Several variations are illustrated at the end of this section.


U-Type Fasteners (Standard)

Tinnerman U-Type Speed Clip Fasteners snap easily over metal, plastic or wooden panels providing a strong clamping action for firm, vibration-free assembly. They are self-sufficient requiring no holes, screws, welds, rivets or other secondary fastening devices. They are low cost, removable and reusable requiring only the simplest assembly procedure. Turned-up lead lips on one or both legs allow fast assembly over the panel edges. Some are equipped with barbs for positive retention of the panel.
Depending upon design, they can be used to clamp or hinge panels together, provide a removable spring catch, apply delicate spring tension on fragile surfaces, secure light components within cavities, etc. Fastening applications for these heattreated, spring steel Speed Clips are limited only by the imagination.


S-Clip Fasteners

Tinnerman S-Clip Fasteners are used for attaching panels with a spring cushion fastening that prevents chipping or crazing from expansion or stains in handling of shipment. Eliminate holes in panels or flanges.