Plastic Fasteners


Cap Type Push-On Plastic Fasteners

Tinnerman® Plastic Cap Nuts combine the good looks and durability of high density linear polyethylene with the reliability of high carbon spring steel. Used over shaft, stud or rod ends for a multitude of uses they will enhance any product by adding color while providing dependable, vibration resistant assembly. Available in eight attractive standard colors, they may also be color matched in quantity orders. Wherever decorator colors are needed, colorful Tinnerman Plastic Caps can add substantially to a product sales appeal.


Expansion Type Plastic Fasteners


Tinnerman® Expansion Nuts are rugged little nylon fasteners with big advantages. Ideal for front mounted attachments, they are self-retained and fast and easy to apply. Used with No. 8 or No. 10 sheet metal screws, they resist up to 200 pounds pull. Completely enclosed in plastic, the screw threads are protected from corrosion or galvanic action. This also eliminates the danger of wire chafing or scratching on sharp screw cutting edges. Being nylon, Expansion Nuts offer excellent insulating qualities, both electrical and thermal. Standard Expansion Nuts are available with spacer head heights from .031” to .600” and a panel range of .020” to .076”. Design variations available for round and square head types include plastisol seals, oversized head dimensions, greater panel range, etc.


Toggle Type Plastic Fasteners

Tinnerman® nylon Toggle Nuts offer many assembly advantages that lead to important manufacturing cost savings. They are simple and fast to apply, provide thermal and electrical insulation, are shock and vibration resistant, and provide high shear and tensile strength. Standard “Toggles” have a generous panel range of .020” to .110” and offer a selection of integral spacer head heights up to 2.00” in 1/16” increments. They are corrosion proof, withstand a wide temperature range (-40° to 250°F) and have excellent dielectric properties. The mounting screw is enclosed in nylon to protect against wire chafing, scratching or galvanic action. Variations on the standard design have been developed to meet specific needs. Some of these include special sealers, electrical connectors, oversized heads, extra panel range, extra torque values, etc.


Clinch Type Plastic Fasteners

Tinnerman® Clinch Type Fasteners offer a host of assembly advantages. They are front-mounted, fast acting, and easy to apply. No special tools are required. Easily removed, yet may be reused without loss of holding power. Available in three sizes: for 1/8”, 3/16”, and 1/4” diameter mounting holes over a wide range of panel
thicknesses. The Clinch Type fastener consists of a one-piece molding with two elements, a “T” shaped drive pin and a U-shaped expander which are joined by thin break-away web sections. The head is smooth with a low profile to give an attractive finished appearance, and they are available in natural or black nylon.


Wire and Tube Retainers Plastic Fasteners

The “expander” is simply snapped into a 1/4” diameter panel hole from the front side. Retaining tab permits preassembly in any position. The strap wraps around the wire bundle, etc. and the lock pin presses to bottom
as shown. Entry enlarges the expander behind the panel for firm, positive retention.


Button Head Dart Fasteners

Button Head Dart Fasteners. These versatile plastic fasteners offer many diversified application possibilities. They may be used for light retention, as bumpers, hole plugs, bearings or spacers. Ideally suited for simplified assembly of products shipped knocked-down for consumer assembly. Available in different materials, head types and panel ranges. In addition to the inherent advantage of being corrosion-proof, Button Head Darts are shock and vibration resistant, and will not work loose.