Single Thread Engaging Self-Retaining Fasteners


J-Type Fasteners

Tinnerman J-Type Speed Nut fasteners press easily into self-retained position overpanel edges or in center-panel locations. They are ideally suited for blind assembly` or hard-to-reach installation. Offer floating alignment to speed production and lessen rejections. No special tools, skills or equipment is required. Riveting, welding, clinching, staking and other secondary fastening devices are eliminated. J-Type Speed Nuts can be applied after painting or porcelainizing panels eliminating the need for masking or retaping operations.


U-Type Fasteners

U-Type Speed Nuts perform the same fastening functions as the J-Type, but are used where a full bearing surface on the lower leg is desired. They are self-retained in screw-receiving position to provide simple, rapid attachment of mating panels and cannot turn as the screw is driven. Corrosion presents no problem, as the Speed Nut will not freeze on screw threads. In fact, the Speed Nut impression actually cleans out rust, dirt or paint clots from the screw threads as they are removed.


U-Type Wide Panel Range Fasteners

This innovative line of Tinnerman® U-Nuts Fasteners accommodates an unusually wide range of panel thicknesses from .025” to .150” which satisfies most needs for sheet metal and plastics assembly. A single Wide Range U-Nut can replace as many as 5 or 6 separate size nuts required to cover the same capacity. And, it can
be supplied in 8AB thru 14 AB thread sizes. Engineering, purchasing and manufacturing all benefit from this unique concept. It provides a greater design flexibility and volume purchase economy. It reduces the
separate number of parts to buy, stock, handle and inspect. It simplifies application and speeds assembly.


U-Type High Torque Fasteners

Angle Bracket Speed Nuts combine the conventional Angle Bracket with the Speed Nut Principle of Spring Tension Fastening to reduce the number of parts, speed assembly and provide structural strength. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are applied in all industry from rugged construction to
delicate electronics. Made from high quality heat-treated spring steel, they provide long life, reusability and resist vibration loosening, even under the severest conditions such as aircraft applications.


Expansion Type Fasteners

Expansion-Type Speed Nut Fasteners provide fast, vibration-resistant attachments in blind or center-panel locations where only one side is accessible. They snap easily into square or round holes and are self retained by spring legs. Special locking tabs are provided where permanent fastener retention is desired. As the screw is driven, it expands the spring legs, locking them over the panel thickness and at the same time providing a double-locking action on the screw. These easy to apply fasteners require no special skills or equipment to install, can be used in place of weld-, clinch- or stake-type fasteners. Applied before or after painting, they will not clog – do not require masking. And, they can be safely applied after procelainizing.


Special Expansion Type Fasteners

The expansion principle is the same, but forms vary to: plug a temporarily unused hole, provide vibrationresisting adjustment, fasten in wood, heavy gauge metal or odd-shaped panel holes. They illustrate our ability to help the manufacturer fasten his product better, faster and at lower cost. Perhaps one of these “Specials” will suit or suggest an answer to your particular fastening problems.