Stud Receivers One-Piece, Self-Locking

Push-on-Type Fasteners (Round Studs)

Tinnerman Push-On-Type Fasteners provide lightning-fast attachments to plain unthreaded studs such as rivets, die cast studs, tubing, nails, rods, etc. They make a positive “bite” on metal, plastic or wood and grip securely even on very smooth, hard surfaces. No threaded devices of any kind are necessary; therefore, the rate of assembly can be greatly increased through their use. Attachments can be made permanent or removable, as the product requires, by simply using the proper fastener or stud modification recommended. Made of quality high carbon spring steel, heat treated, they assure long, dependable service life at a minimum of assembly cost.


Grooveless Retainer Rings


Superior stainless steel fasteners. Provide 360° of bearing surface for maximum holding power...without a groove!
Tinnerman Grooveless Retainer Rings press over studs, shafts, or any round shape from .046” to 2.00” diameter. G-R-R’s become an integral part of the axial application, replacing snap or bearing rings, cotter pins, staking, swaging, spinning, heat forming, ultrasonics, coining, cementing, or upsetting...eliminating high-cost operations. Designed without slots, or shears, G-R-R’s will not “walk-off” or spring free. Low profile flat designs require a minimum of space.Wall dimensions as thin as .024” make them ideal for limited access locations. They need as little as .032” of shaft or stud extension for full anchor. Quality stainless steel assures long life, corrosion resistance, minimal distortion, dry finish, eliminates heat treat, finish and handling operations...and the extra costs they entail. A full range of sizes has been developed on modular tooling. Virtually any unlisted size can be made that falls within the limits of the tools, for a one-time set up charge. Sizes beyond this range can be made but require special tooling


Tubular-Type Fasteners

Tubular-Type Speed Clips team up with unthreaded studs or rivets to virtually “nail” assemblies together. Hand-snapped into punched or molded holes in metal, plastic or wood, they retain themselves in stud-receiving position. The mating panel is positioned with mounting studs properly aligned and pressed home to complete
the assembly. Tubular-Type Speed Clips are ideal for making fast, practical attachments where only one side of an assembly is accessible ... perfect for attaching name plates, instruction plates, grille work and decorative trim, knobs, insulation dust shields and other lightweight equipment.


Ball-Stud Fasteners

Ball-Stud Speed Clips were originally developed as spring catch fasteners on aircraft access doors, inspection panels, sealing strips and other similar assemblies requiring repeated disengagement. Their versatility soon found them used extensively in other fields where they secured kitchen cabinet doors, removable toe plates, electronic cabinets, protective covers, etc. There is no direct contact between the stud and panel surfaces. This eliminates wear or chipping of painted or porcelained surfaces and resulting corrosion. When latched, the spring legs of the
Speed Clip continually bear inward on the spherical or serrated studs, holding the latched unit snug against the panel.
Where adjustability or wide latching ranges are required, the serrated stud is used. They are mainly used for attaching compressionable materials such as rubber, fabric, insulation, etc. Pull-out tensions, depending on the material thickness of the Speed Clip and the stud used, can be provided from 3.5 pounds to 50-65 pounds. Various panel thicknesses are accommodated by varying the stud lengths.