Bay State Cable Ties


HW Eckhardt proudly offers Bay State Cable Ties LLC (BSCT) line of Wire Management products. Bay State Cable Ties is a unique manufacturer of wire management products. 

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BSCT Cable Ties

About Bay State Cable Ties

Bay State Cable Ties LLC (BSCT) uses various manufacturing and distribution techniques to provide wire management products with the highest quality at very competitive prices. In 2004 BSCT moved into a State-Of-The-Art 50,000 square foot facility located in Crestview, Florida. This facility operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week and boasts the most advanced molding and automation cable tie facility in the United States.

Cable Ties are the company’s principal product and they are currently offered in over 50 different styles and sizes. The company also offers a full line of wire management products, which include mounting accessories, clamps, terminals, wire nuts, Velcro and electrical tape to name a few. BSCT current key markets include the electrical, electronic, automotive, fastener, industrial, HVAC and OEM/Specialty markets.