Push-Lok™ P.C.B. Stand-offs

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Push-LokT PCB Standoffs precisely space PCB's from the chassis without the need of offline swaging of expensive screw machine standoffs. The base portion, when the pin is driven using the P-Punch spring-loaded attaching tool, spreads the fastenerportion to secure the standoff. The edge latch portion allows the PCB to be assembled and removed for modification or field service.

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Features and Benefits

  • No screws or screwdrivers necessary, no loose parts
  • Drive pin seats standoff securely to the the chassis with minimum protrusion, to attain maximum packaging density.
  • Snap-in rivet type
  • High tip out force under impact
  • Has high shear and impact strength.
  • Fastener portion accommodates a broad range of hole diameters and thicknesses.
  • Push-Loks are ideal for field service with quick unlatching and re-latching replacement of PCB or modules.
  • Material: Type 66 nylon, color: natural
  • Flammability: UL94 V-2
  • Increase package density
  • Minimum board or chassis protrusion
  • Assembly tool (P-Punch)
  • Standard package: 1000 per bag
  • Service friendly latch-in, latch-out design

Product Specifications Tools and Accessories

Fast Drop Specifications


P-PunchT - Part Number P-Punch II
Punch Out Tool

Setting tool for applying 
Push-LokT standoffs.




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